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Sunday nights are the worst you go to bed with that horrifying feeling of impending doom like “I’ve got a whole fucking week ahead

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The season of leg shaving is upon us.

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hot people are so lucky im so pissed

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there are two types of people in this world

  • people i can trust to help me hide a body 
  • people who are the body 

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“beauty sleep” is such bullshit I sleep 12 hours a day and I still look like a trashcan

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Hour 3 in the DMV.

Patience wearing thin. Phone at 49%. The only sustenance left in my purse is half a pack of Welch’s fruit snacks and half a joint. Contemplating…

personalcar strugglesthese are the stories I'll tell my kids someday

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Even when I’m perfectly on schedule to get back to school on time, something LIKE MY CAR BREAKING DOWN ON THE HIGHWAY always seems to come up and prevent it.

Friends in north Jersey, help me out.

personalcar struggles

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gettin real tired of my own bullshit

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